Uncommon creates a 'plant based cookbook you can plant'

Uncommon Creative Studio has worked with plant-based, grains and pulses brand Merchant Gourmet to create a new vegan cookbook, The Simple Plant-Based Cookbook, which you can actually plant.

The cookbook contains more than 60 plant-based recipes using lentils, grains and chestnuts. The project comes following Uncommon's new strategic direction for the brand, 'Appetite for change', which is says "aims to encourage the UK to help the planet one meal at a time, by making plant-based food that tastes incredible".

The cookbook's limited-edition cover is made from recycled paper and contains real seeds that can be planted to grow basil, parsley, oregano and "a bit of hope" for the environment, according to Uncommon. The cover artwork also includes a striking black graphic design of a fork planted into the ground with roots growing from its base.

"Helping to save the environment can feel overwhelming. But there’s an easy and delicious way we can stand up for the environment – simply by sitting down for a nice plant-based meal," says Lucy Jameson, co-founder of Uncommon. "Launching a cookbook felt like a useful way to bring to bear Merchant Gourmet's incredible mission towards a new food system. One where we eat what's good for us and the planet."


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