Timothy Goodman's new playful hand-painted typographic murals

New York-based designer, illustrator and all round good bloke Timothy Goodman has been keeping busy of late, creating (amongst other projects) a series of vast murals. Bearing his distinctive, playful hand-drawn type, the works are text-based pieces bearing copy also created by Goodman; and here, we’re showing some snippets of the three murals he created for New York’s Tribeca Target store and one for booze brand Anheuser-Busch's offices in NYC.

Among the trio of Target pieces is a vast 70 foot long mural, rendered in bold red and white and mixing cute illustrated icons alongside hand-painted lettering and symbols. The Anheuser-Busch work takes a similarly duo-tone approach, with lively letterforms painted in white over a black background.

“They commissioned me to write a piece centered around their Sofie beer. So I wrote a love letter to Sofie,” Goodman explains. “The process began lettering the piece on tracing paper, as I usually do. Then I continued to rework the words to fit to the proportion of the wall. From there, I brought the piece into Photoshop and did renders on photos of the space. Once all was looking good, I went on site and projected the piece right on the wall and traced it with pencil. Finally, I painted it in with white house paint.”


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