Ewen Farr's brilliantly lo-fi and super skilful hip-hop video animation

Ewen Farr favours a beautifully lo-fi aesthetic in his animation and illustration work, and his new video for SonnyJim's Dorchester (featuring Quelle Chris) is no exception.

Painstakingly rotoscoped, the animation uses an unusual colour palette and gorgeously textured backdrops adorned with felt tip figures and painterly gestures. The piece looks almost like photo collage in both the uncanny surface-tone and the beautiful way Farr manages to capture human facial gestures in the simplest strokes.

The movements of people and light are captured brilliantly, and it’s a testament to Farr’s skill how easy it is as a viewer to get totally immersed in the city scenes that whirr past the car window that forms our viewpoint for much of the film. It’s a highly original approach – especially for a hip-hop video – and boy do we love it.


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