The personal paintings of Antonio Ivan Estevez

Antonio Ivan Estevez is a New York based painter who works primarily in abstraction. Speaking of his work, he said: "My paintings are products of my unconscious; reactions to a social event or personal experience that provoked me (often negatively).

"Forms shatter, melt, collide, and explode in a kind of symbolic deconstruction of emotion. Watercolours allow me to work in an immediate, spontaneous way that's conducive to capturing an exact feeling in the moment. I take advantage of the transparency and delicacy of watercolours, but don't restrict myself to that. I push the media to create both gestural and minimalist forms using a combination of brush and pouring techniques."

Exhibitions and projects include Galapagos Artspace, Gallery 364, Manhattan World Culture Open Center, Room to Read, and Whole Foods Nation. His work has appeared in USA Today, IndieCoutureNYC, Studio Visit Magazine and Winter Tangerine Review Magazine.


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