Fun creative murals at Facebook London by Geo Law

Sheffield artist Geo Law has created some bespoke murals for Facebook's HQ in London, reflecting the fun and vibrant feel to its gaming and platform department. It's the second time Geo has been appointed by Facebook and the team wanted the art to depict a bounce of characters, personal references and its company mantras such as 'Be Fast, Be Bold' and 'Ship Love'.

Geo’s mural work is known for it’s spontaneous feel and aesthetic, as he draws directly onto the walls without any need for guides or pencilling beforehand.

“I feel the line is clean and bold when I draw fast, I’ve trained my arm to doodle confidently and it’s fun but scary at the same time. It’s a great rush to draw on command, for example if someone mentions a character off the cuff, I’ll quickly doodle it onto the wall in front of that person. It’s like being responsive to what’s being said around me.”

Many of the references in the artwork point towards a calamity of science fiction characters and Geo’s own blend of weird but friendly “critters” marry the likes of Star Wars with the Oculus Rift device. The murals weave a wacky narrative with plenty of hidden characters and easter eggs that the staff will look to spot over the coming weeks.

“I love hiding little surprises and jokes in the artwork, obviously I’d never draw anything distasteful and I try to keep the artwork friendly enough.” Watch Geo in the process via the video below.


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