The Mancorialist: Street photography that captures the heart of Manchester

Infamous Manchester street style blog The Mancorialist is exhibiting a collection of its street photography at Kosmonaut in Manchester, in its first ever public show.

Named three years ago as an ode to New York fashion photographer The Sartorialist, The Mancorialist has built up a portfolio of over 1,500 street portraits. Believing that the best way to define a city is not by its architecture but by its people, The Mancorialist captures the heart of the city by documenting its abundance of diverse characters.

Speaking of its blog, The Mancorialist said: “Manchester was a trailblazer for the industrial world, and while the mills have gone, the city is now pushing boundaries in style and creativity. In this exhibition I have tried to celebrate the essence of Manchester's varied styles, characters, trends and locations so editing it into twelve portraits wasn't easy!”

The exhibition runs until Sunday 28 June in the main room of Kosmonaut. Make sure you check it out.

Via direct submission | Exhibition photography credit goes to Sebastian Matthes / MANOX


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