The Machines of Steven Pippin: Playful inventions that merge art, science and technology

A major exhibition from Steven Pippin – one of Britain’s most innovative and inventive artists – launches at The Edge in Bath this weekend, showcasing his works that test and challenge our relationship with science and technology.

After a recent, highly-acclaimed showing at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Engineered Equanimity: The Machines of Steven Pippin is the only opportunity for UK audiences to see this important show. It includes Pippin's most recent inventions alongside a presentation of works spanning a 30-year career, pinpointing distinct moments and breakthroughs.

You'll be able to witness Pippin’s significant contribution to art, science, and technology and gain a new perspective on everything from Newtonian mechanics to the production of renewable energy.

After beginning his career as an engineer, Pippin turned his attention to art in the late 1980s, making a breakthrough when he started turning everyday items, such as washing machines, into pinhole cameras. Pippin’s fascination with image creation and physics and astronomy is further explored in his kinetic sculptures and experiments.

In Ω = 1, 2003, Pippin presents a pencil balancing on its tip as if by magic which is often used as a metaphor in physics to describe the current state of the universe neither collapsing inward on itself nor flying outward. Pippin’s ingenious solution took 10 years of trial and error to achieve.

You'll also see science in action as Pippin’s most recent experiment ‘Static Energy Turbine Association’ is trialled as part of the exhibition, supported by University of Bath, Department of School of Mechanical Engineering.

A must, for those of you who love art as well as science. The exhibition at The Edge, University of Bath, runs until 3 February 2018. Details at


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