The Foreign Office creates identity for Volocopter, the world's first multicopter

Hamburg design studio The Foreign Office was recently tasked to establish a brand for Volocopter, an innovative company that is developing the world's first manned, fully electric and safe VTOL – a vertical take-off and landing aircraft, to you and I.

From identity to digital experience across all channels, they developed the visual appearance along with the stationery, 3D modelling, the livery, a new website and image concepts. "As a basis for the visual framework, we took inspiration from a classical aviation environment like the pilot’s cockpit," explains studio founder, Mario Jilka. "Graphical elements from tools like the altimeter or the airspeed indicator are integrated into the branding to give orientation and a distinct support to the brand message on any medium."

We like the simple monochrome palette with splashes of yellow, along with strong and confident typography throughout, quite obviously to introduce this new and evolving product to what will initially be a cynical market and evoke feelings of safety, quality and trust. Nice work The Foreign Office.


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