Superfried's new wildlife conservation identities for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Established in 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation aims to protect endangered wildlife and threatened ecosystems and communities around the globe. It recently developed three new funds to protect lions, sharks & rays and elephants and called upon the talents of Mark Richardson of Superfried to develop their new identities.

All images courtesy of Superfried

All images courtesy of Superfried

Focusing initially on the Shark Conservation Fund, Mark had to consider an existing brand for the Lion Recovery Fund: "The marque featured a lion's head formed from contour lines within a square container. The Foundation stated it was important to continue the idea of conveying both the species and landscape for the two additional funds. This was to ensure they all felt like they were part of one group and it is essential to protect both if the animals are to survive and flourish.

"The idea was strong, although I was not sure that the square container was appropriate as it had the feel of an app icon. Instead, I proposed they use a circle for all three. To give the brand a more global and approachable feel."

Following Mark's advice, the Foundation agreed to the rounded marque for all three funds and so the Manchester designer developed various mock-ups to ensure it was sufficiently versatile across all media. Looking next at the identity for the Elephant Crisis Fund, it was here that a further connection between the elephants and their habitat emerged, adding an extra layer to the identity.

"Close-up shots of their skin bore a striking resemblance to parched landscapes," explains Mark. "The patterned skin of rays and sharks was also employed to highlight their almost surreal, beautiful and incredibly diverse markings – often praised for land animals, but regularly overlooked for creatures of the sea."


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