Sundown at Bank Junction: Photography series captures timeframe between twilight and dusk

This series of photographs by London-based Michael Lee was shot on a sunny autumn afternoon, through twilight and into dusk, on a single junction in the heart of London’s financial district. Through utilising an unusual photographic technique, great lighting and a vibrant environment, Lee creates a dramatic visual narrative.

He explains: "The photographs were all generated by a considered abuse of a camera function that normally requires absolute stillness. Rejecting this stillness and introducing elaborate camera movements and applying it to moving subjects will result in ghosting and peculiar abstractions.

"Pushing these irregularities to extremes has curated a highly personalised aesthetic and has generated its own unusual subset of styles. The intention of my work is to present painterly impressions of the world that lie somewhere between abstraction and figuration. However, unlike the painter who allows his interpretation to inform his paintings, I let the camera, performance, subject matter, time and happenstance generate my work."

Photography has always been a passion of Michael’s, and his work has been exhibited widely across London, the UK and Europe. He is represented by galleries in the UK and Italy. Discover more at

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Michael Lee


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