The Allotment rebrands Radical Sportscars with a racetrack-inspired logo mark

It's a tough life if you're a designer whose actual work means popping over to a Race Day at Spain's Circuit De Jerez to watch very fast cars and all the associated glitz and glamour. That was what the creative director of London agency The Allotment faced when he and the team began the mammoth project of creating new branding for motor racing brand Radical Sportscars.

The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of purpose-built club racing cars, and also offers track days for others to give them a spin. Now 20 years old, it was looking for "a modernised brand that retained some equity from their past but also reflected the exhilaration and unique experience of RACING supercars that can exert 2.5 ‘g’s’ of lateral acceleration on track corners," says The Allotment.

Unlike creating designs for static brands, this identity had to look good not just on things like printed collateral, stationery and websites, but on exhibition stands things the livery of cars that move very, very fast. The Allotment's design solution was based around a new brand proposition that it created – that "'Nothing Compares’ to the Radical experience."

The new "R" mark is based on a racetrack and carries a hugely energetic sense of motion. The Allotment adds that: "the red ‘Race line’ reflects the uncompromising performance and thrill of the ride. The resulting brand feels premium yet authentic."


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