Specimens: quirky characters brought to life by illustrator Stina Jones

A longtime favourite of Creative Boom, talented illustrator and graphic designer Stina Jones has just launched her latest series, Specimens. Combining bold line work with colourful fills to create fun characters with a clean simplicity, it's a signature style that we've come to associate with the Manchester-based creative.

"Doodling odd looking creatures and characters was always a fun pastime for me growing up, so I wanted to incorporate that into this series," Stina explains. "Illustrating is my hobby as well as my profession and I often doodle characters on my breaks or while I'm winding down in the evenings. I like to take my time, play around and experiment as I go."

Each of the designs starts as a set of simple shapes and doodles, developed using mirroring techniques to give them a satisfying sense of symmetry. You can see more of Stina’s character illustrations on Instagram @stina_jones.


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