SomeOne brings students home to Roost with bright and upbeat branding

The UK is an attractive prospect for students seeking further education. With world-class universities, cutting-edge technology centres and cities thriving with restaurants and nightspots, there are plenty of options available to scholars.

However, being a student – now more than ever before – isn't cheap. This is where Roost can help. Nathan Goddard, Chief Operating Officer, explains: "Everyone deserves a comfy bed, great facilities and an all-around excellent service, whatever the price (and whatever you are studying). So we helped design a brand that has different levels of pricing within properties to ensure residents have a great selection of rooms regardless of their budget."

Starting at the brand's inception was SomeOne, a design agency based in London and Sydney. The team came up with the name, which was legally registered and is now the axis on which the business pivots.

"Over-branded places and spaces are the scourge of the student housing market. So we developed proximity-based systems to enable the branding to operate at full volume online and in spaces where the communications need to disrupt and attract attention. But it also needs to simmer down where there are day-in-day-out applications such as in the students rooms — no one wants to sleep on a logo, however beautifully it has been designed", explains Katrina Peel, Project Lead Designer at SomeOne.

As well as the branding, SomeOne created a bespoke digital platform. "We designed the Roost Digital experience around students. There’s nothing worse than being forced into a long contract you don’t really need, so Roost lets students make their own decision. Choose your own start and end dates. Want to early arrive? Sure! Need to stay a bit longer? Great. Not sure yet? Not a problem! We’ll even let you extend on a week-by-week basis until you’re happy. This is the students contract, built by students, for students. Oh, and radical for the sector, weekly prices won’t budge regardless of how long you stay", adds Jamin Galea, Digital Design Director at SomeOne.

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