Broadcast your beauty with SK-II's Andy Warhol-inspired skincare collaboration

Do not adjust your set or your internet connection, for that matter. Andy Warhol is indeed the inspiration behind a new collaboration with skincare brand SK-II.

Influenced by the pop artist's famous love for broadcast media, Manchester-based creative agency LOVE has given the product range a suitably beautiful and empowering identity.

The idea of pairing Andy Warhol with skincare brand may sound like an unlikely collaboration on paper, but the artist behind the famous Campbell's soup paintings was no stranger to the world of physical wellbeing. As well as being the owner of an impressive assortment of ointments and lotions, Warhol's views on beauty line up perfectly those of SK-II.

Quoted as saying that, "If everyone isn't beautiful, then no one is", "All is pretty" and "I've never met a person I couldn't call a beauty", Warhol's outlook on physical aesthetics contains an empowering punch, which lends itself well the central theme of authenticity behind this product range.

To express this inclusive, artistic message in its packaging, SK-II worked with LOVE to create a design aesthetic that captured all the different angles of the collaboration. What the creative studio settled on, appropriately, was Warhol's love of broadcast media. His iconic technicolour test patterns became a visual foundation for the gift sets and can also be seen across wider campaign materials.

As well as providing a colour palette for the set, the theme of broadcast media provided other opportunities for playful graphic design and product design. The gift sets of skincare products themselves are housed in containers that resemble Warhol-era analogue TV sets and even VHS tapes. (They're what we watched things back on before DVDs... if you can remember DVDs.)

Topped off with the brilliant tagline "broadcast your beauty", this collaboration comes in three vibrant colourways, each decorated with uplifting quotes from Warhol and his distinctive signature. And thanks to the magic of QR codes, users can also scan and unlock further Warhol-themed' broadcasts' from the range.

David Palmer, executive creative director at LOVE, says: "From the outset, we were keen to uncover an aspect of Andy Warhol, or his work, which was less well known.

"He produced so many iconic and immediately recognisable pieces, but we want to share a different side to him. Something that hadn't been mined and explored. Working with the Andy Warhol Foundation, we were excited to discover a real connection between SK-II and Andy Warhol through their shared fascination with skincare."


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