Silver Morning: Alessandro Zanoni documents a freezing winter's morning in Italy

In his series Silver Morning, Italian visual artist Alessandro Zanoni captures a frozen winter's morning in the surrounding countryside on the outskirts of Milan. The cold and foggy landscapes remind us of how we always feel at this time of year – how we wonder if the trees will ever sprout fresh leaves again, and that spring and summer seem impossible when the weather is so unforgiving.

After attending Fine Art School and taking courses in illustration at the European Design Institute of Milan, Alessandro began his profession as a graphic designer, first in the field of printing and publishing and subsequently in web and interaction design. A lover of music, he spent a decade writing reviews for the influential rock magazine Jam.

He only recently began taking photographs, but has already won some awards as well as accreditations from the IPA and Sony World Photography Awards. "I’m a tireless metropolitan traveller," he explains. "My work is focused on finding unusual and urban wastelands: the quest of the human footprint in the Anthropocene era, captured through the lens of my sleek yet detached gaze."

Via Creative Boom submission | All images copyright Alessandro Zanoni


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