Ragged Edge's 'clubbed together' rebrand of Laka, a community-based insurer of cyclists

As bike shops struggle to keep up with unprecedented demand during the pandemic, Ragged Edge's rebrand for a community-based insurer of cyclists couldn't have come at a better time.

The fun-loving and characterful identity is the antidote to the insurance industry and sets Laka up to offer a "revolutionary model to turn the industry on its head".

Tobi Taupitz, co-founder, Laka says: "Traditional insurance models, with complex clauses, excesses and a painful claims process, are broken. Our customers – starting with cyclists – work as a collective to share the cost of claims that actually happen, rather than ones that might."

Following a successful seed round, Laka approached Ragged Edge to develop a new identity that could establish collective cover for cyclists in the UK and Europe, as well as set the company up to develop other insurance products in the future.

Max Ottignon, co-founder, Ragged Edge, says: "When we club together, everybody stands to benefit. And that very simple idea is what this brand is built from. Clubbing together reflects its insurance model. It speaks to the shared passion of everyone in the cycling community. And it gives Laka the opportunity to expand into any product, for any collective of people."

The new brand recognises the different tribes that exist in cycling yet brings them together to feel part of a bigger collective team, celebrating its strength in numbers. While bold portraiture photography heroes the collective's diverse members, and strong team colours unite them.

Landscape-like patterns are inspired by mud, sweat and tears from a ride. And a tone of voice that's never afraid to go, full-on bike nerd, is used as a rallying cry to members – mess with one of us, mess with all of us.

Ottignon adds: "At one point Tobi forbade us from using the word ‘insurance’. I think that speaks to the bravery of this client, wanting not only the product but the brand, to be capable of creating real change in the insurance industry."


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