Ping Hatta's latest portraits celebrate womanhood, diversity and a love of maximalist fashion

Illustrator Ping Hatta has always been interested in clothes; how they can say so much about a person, showing character and personality. So for her latest series, she has focused on maximalism.

All images courtesy of Ping Hatta

All images courtesy of Ping Hatta

Full of bold patterns, big shoulders and angular shapes, Ping is experimenting with more muted colours these days but continues to celebrate the female form in all her work, as well as "attitude" and represents beauty in "diverse ethnicity and body positivity".

"I've also become obsessed with effortless poses. I prefer to paint my ladies in a candid or natural, relaxed poses. After all, confidence is always in style," she says. "And instead of painting ladies travelling to whimsical places and 'going out', my latest series will be inspired by 'going within': lucid dreaming, subtle experiences, mystics and attempting to translate those things into visual form."

Ping Hatta, aka Piamrak Hattakitkosol, is a Thai illustrator, artist, lingerie designer, and "maker of little things". Based in New York City and Bangkok, her clients include Vogue, American Illustration, Jo Malone London, Sephora, Rebecca Minkoff, among many more. Recent projects include horoscope illustrations for ELLE Thailand and some private portrait commissions. Discover more of her work at or follow her on Instagram.


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