Photographs of New York City's bizarre everyday life in black and white

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist and the gallery

If you've not yet graced New York City's streets and sampled the weird and wonderful delights it has to offer, then photographer Phil Penman will enlighten you.

His beautiful black and white photography of the Big Apple shows the metropolis in a very unexpected light, sharing the everyday and sometimes bizarre lives of the characters who reside there.

Originally from Dorset, Penman is now based in NYC and has covered the biggest entertainment and news stories in America, including the September 11th terrorist attacks – for which his work has won worldwide recognition – and the Michael Jackson child molestation case. Penman currently travels across the world photographing assignments for a wide range of clients including magazines like People and Hello, The Independent, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, as well as American publications USA Today and New York Post.

The series of New York City is currently on show at the Leica Store New York Soho until 15 November 2015. Discover more at