Photographer survives in London by capturing 100 musicians and living off whatever they can pay him

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of CK Goldiing

Could you survive in London on just £100 in six months? That's the challenge Sheffield photographer and music presenter CK Goldiing set himself when he moved to the capital in July with just a little money, a bag of clothes and his trusty camera.

But he obviously needed to earn some cash along the way, which is why he launched the #100Musicians challenge – providing 100 unsigned musicians with stunning new press photographs for their promotional efforts in exchange for whatever donations they could afford – thus being able to pay for his accommodation, food, water and transport.

Six months later, and he's still going strong – and he's attracted plenty of TV, radio and online press coverage, along with a growing fanbase via Twitter and Facebook. He has shot 82 unsigned artists so far – some of which we've shared with you now, including Molly & Ellie, Clara Bond and Joelle Brown.

If you're an unsigned artist and you'd love the CK Goldiing treatment, then tweet him using the hashtag #100musicians via @CKGoldiing or visit his website at