Artist Pejac uses pressed wood as the canvas for his inky paintings of man versus nature

In his Redemption series, Spanish artist Pejac uses pressed wood as a pseudo-canvas. With only pencil and ink, he manages to hide some of the existing elements of the material as well as elevate others, creating an effective illusion of perspective within which he places unexpected imagery.

As with all of Pejac's work, there's an underlying theme of addressing global environmental issues – in this case, highlighting the fragility of wood and our overuse of it. "The beauty of the pressed wood seems to hide the arrogance of man in its relation with nature," explains Pejac.

"These panels have some sort of aesthetic warmth but at the same time a sense of devastation, making it very contradictory, which directly refers to my way of understanding art. Expressing myself on thousands of small pieces of wood feels like 'tattooing' on the stripped skins of trees. Each drawing in this Redemption series is a tribute to nature. Any other subject would have been frivolous."

From miniature window drawings to elaborate replicas of classical masterpieces, you can discover more of the Barcelona-based artist's work at

All images courtesy of Pejac


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