Paradise Inn: Photographer highlights the consequences of mass tourism in Greece

In his series Paradise Inn, photographer Marinos E. Tsagkarakis aims to highlight the consequences of massive and uncontrolled tourism development throughout his home country, Greece.

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of the photographer

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of the photographer

Picking out what he believes to be architectural eyesores in otherwise areas of natural beauty, he said: "These effects are reflected on the constructed landscape mostly through the unregulated and shoddy architecture, the kitsch and folklore decoration, the construction and adoption of artificial elements and entertainment structures, the falsification of identity and cultural heritage, the violation of the natural environment and finally the desolation that occurs after peak season."

Born and raised in Crete, Marinos now lives in Thessaloniki. He studied contemporary photography at Stereosis Photography School and is a member of the Depression Era collective, that visually explores the urban and social landscapes of the economic crisis in Greece. To discover more of his work, visit


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