NeoWave: Abstract landscapes and giant monuments inspired by science fiction

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

Inspired by the rich visual culture of science fiction, NeoWaves is a personal art series by Canadian designer James White.

The artworks explore the style and form of abstract monuments within science fiction landscapes, capturing a sense of futurist adventure as well as a wonderfully nostalgic echo to the '80s. We love the use of deep galactic colours, reminiscent of great science fiction films and book covers of decades past.

Think of the neo-noir movies like Blade Runner or the design classic book covers of Dune by the legend that is Frank Herbert or of Neuromancer by the awesome William Gibson – and you get the idea.

Within this old-school and painfully cool style, the artist also explores music and pop-culture. Check out White's Instagram feed for more visually inspiring sci-fi artworks.