Other Scenes: Brigitte Zieger's quietly humorous 3D sculptures that explore history

Through her intriguing series Other Scenes, German Paris-based artist Brigitte Zieger explores virtual and spatial 3D images which relate to history and the "integration of displacements between image, sculpture and space".

On show at the Void gallery in Derry until 29 July, her works invite you to interact with them, and "activate the consciousness of the gaze through humour and quiet sensitivity".

The gallery's statement reads: "The artist employs surface effects that exploit prettiness as a means of enchantment to lead her spectators onto the most virulent and radical terrain of political meaning. War and the power of violence are pervasive without being visible or binary. She advances masked, benefiting from the ability of certain images to blind the spectator, deploying work that is critical and sometimes provocative."

Photography by Paola Bernadelli


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