Original, timely and hilarious: new animation by Animade explores what happens when the bubble bursts

Award-winning London animation studio Animade has just released Dam, a darkly comic animated film that explores what happens when the familiar is suddenly taken away from us.

Directed by one of Animade's senior creatives, Milo Targett, Dam tells the story of a community of scuba divers who find themselves helpless in the face of a rapidly degenerating party.

The narrative speaks to us of the nature of relationships during times of comfort and stability, and how quickly turmoil can ensue when the bubble bursts. In a unique style and approach, Dam uses a stripped-back colour palette to enhance a simplified, flat design. Avoiding the use of VO with only muffled dialogue, the suitably abstract sound design was composed by Targett and Sonica Studios.

"Comfort is paramount behind the dam and drinks are cheap, but the good times can’t last forever," says Targett. "Dam explores the often disruptive nature of change and its impact on our everyday realities."

Animade is rooted in the culture of play, and this film is just one of the studio's prolific output of studio projects that have fuelled and enhanced its wide range of client work. Take a moment from your day to watch Dam and enter into another world – one that is funny, relatable and wryly apt for current times.


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