Studio Beau and Rainville–Sangaré serve up funky identity for Montreal's new Asian restaurant, Maneki

The latest delicious addition to the streets of Montreal is Maneki comptoir asiat’ – a new Asian restaurant and cosy spot located in the heart of the city's Hochelaga-Maisoneuve neighbourhood. Serving up modern dishes ideal for a quick bite to eat, the young owners entrusted their identity and interior design to design agency Studio Beau and Rainville—Sangaré, who created a convivial and playful atmosphere where "stereotypes meet Asian classics".

The two studios co-designed everything from the ground up, and tackled the process by playing around with Asian cultural stereotypes: bright neons, famous figures, pop songs and traditional dishes – all with a dash of humour.

The logotype is referential to the maneki-neko, the fortune cat figurine, popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures. A bright and colourful palette highlights the luminous interior, while the contrasting electric blue sets the restaurant apart, making a bold statement in a casual atmosphere.

In the same vein, the interior design is modern and playful. The furniture is sturdy and meant to be visually low, making space for social interactions. Custom lighting zig-zags across the room offering spatial rhythm. And metals grids hang around the place to allow the restaurant to pin graphical branded assets and specials menus. Nice work.


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