One Hundred Stories, One Face: Marco Oggian's portraits of iconic people using the same face

The idea behind '100', a project by Italian illustrator Marco Oggian, was to represent one hundred iconic people while still maintaining the same base, same eyes and same mouth, treating the elements with simple geometric figures, making them recognisable only through the details and colours which make them unique.

On show in an exhibition at Pocko in London this month, the project, as the gallery explains, allows us to "understand how our experience, age and education directs us to recognise one figure over another and above all, it forces us to realise how the small details make everyone unique but in reality, we are all the same too."

There's Hitler with his tiny moustache and his pathetic smidge of hair to Frida Kahlo with her iconic flowers and red lipstick. Each portrait, in Marco's usually energetic and playful style, instantly jumps out at us and reveals the portrayed character.

Aside from this latest project, Marco has had exhibitions in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Seoul and can count Nike, BMW, Holstee, Oxydo Eyewear, Topman and Bershka as some of his clients. Find out more


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