O' Human Being starring Richard E. Grant is a twisted film of abduction, adornment and escape

"Dearest Sarah. If you are reading this, I am dead," begins Peter’s story as told within the macabre animated Christmas film from Anomaly and Unreasonable Studios. But all is not as it seems.

When a family of Christmas trees chop Peter's feet off, stand him in the corner of their living room, and decorate him in tinsel and lights, Peter has to devise a fantastic plan of escape in order to make it home to his beloved wife.

O’Human Being, starring Richard E. Grant, chronicles Peter’s existential journey through his hostage, mutilation and systematic torture. His resulting agony, hope, despair and acceptance, ultimately delivers a profound Christmas message for children everywhere.

Oli Beale who was instrumental to the creation of this year’s grisly film said: “Christmas ads are all a bit ‘nice’. So we’ve gone dark this year."

“O‘Human Being” is the third annual Christmas film from the award-winning creative, new model agency that joins the existing grisly line-up of “Dear Satan” narrated by Patrick Stewart (2017) and “12 days of Christmas - a tale of avian misery” narrated by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (2016). Sit back, relax and enjoy a very dark and twisted festive tale.


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