Nvard Yerkanyan's minimalist illustrations devoted to Soviet modernist architecture in Armenia

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

We first discovered Nvard Yerkanyan when she was shortlisted for this year's World Illustration Awards.

The illustration we featured was from her series devoted to Soviet modernist architecture in Armenia. And so we thought we'd share the rest of her artworks here. "The series is an ode to the architectural heritage that is either lost or unfairly undervalued," Nvard tells Creative Boom. "The main aim of the project is to reveal the beauty and the value of Soviet modernist architecture to the indifferent public through the magic of colours and shapes which accentuate brutal, yet fascinating forms of these monuments."

An Armenian graphic designer and illustrator based in Florence, Italy, Nvard is the co-founder and curator of WHY Graphic Design Festival in Florence and co-founder of AJZ space and curatorial art collective. A graduate of architecture with a Masters in Graphic Design and Cultural Criticism, she tries to combine all these disciplines and skills in her work.

Her interests mainly focus on issues of public spaces, urban transformations, and cultural heritage. She works as a freelancer internationally and is passionate about design that serves to a good cause. Discover more: nvard.yerkanian.com.