Not for the squeamish, Eat the Problem offers up recipes involving humans and cats as ingredients

Eat the Problem is described as a “cookbook of sorts”. It's certainly not your average Mary Berry fare.

It instead offers up suggestions from artists including Marina Abramović, Pablo Picasso, Laurie Anderson, Yves Klein, George Monbiot, Matthew Barney and Salvador Dalí, as well as food-tinkerer Heston Blumenthal. They have each contributed a recipe that includes an "invasive species" as an ingredient—from urchin, cat and camel through to human, alien and artificial intelligence,” as its designer Matthew Walker puts it.

The book is both surrealist and psychedelic. "The design of the book takes inspiration from illuminated manuscripts, ancient maps, Ram Dass, Dalí and Hieronymus Bosch," says Walker, who works as a graphic designer in Melbourne, as well as teaching Communication Design at Monash University.

The custom typography is gorgeous; sitting alongside ornately decorated spreads and gold ink throughout. It's an intensely visual piece: each spread uses a different colour, while the cover is layered and debossed. It's little surprise to learn that the whole thing took around five years to complete.

The book accompanies an exhibition of the same name, which runs until September this year. The project hasn't been without its controversies: it's been( accused of glamorising “animal torture”)[].

MONA, the gallery showing the project, told Yahoo News that the concept of eating “invasive species” is far more sustainable than just killing them off.

"We know it’s not for everyone, but eating or finding other uses for an animal that wreaks havoc on the native environment is more sustainable than simply culling them, and far more sustainable than the meat most people eat,” the spokesperson said. “It is interesting that chicken nuggets – the embodiment of animal suffering and environmental degradation – appear on billboards across cities and no one makes a fuss."


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