JDO puts a playful spin on social distancing rules with Normville

In the midst of a regional near-lockdown in Greater Manchester, we were happy to hear about JDO's lighthearted campaign that helps us imagine a world where social distancing is not only normal but a way to be creative and have a good laugh.

Welcome to Normville, where citizens have always "done things they love the most, but are careful not to get too close". It's a positive spin on the one-metre rule, reinforcing its importance in a refreshing way that will resonate with a society suffering from a bit of lockdown fever.

"Social distancing is massively important but that doesn't mean we can’t have some fun reminding people," says Andy Briscoe, creative director at JDO. "Encouraging everyone to be a Norm and join the movement will hopefully go some way to keep everyone safe."

The campaign was developed in-house as a way for the London creative agency to do its bit in supporting communities to control the spread of Covid-19. Normville is not just a website with some cool characters, it's a digital movement that hopes to "unite and inspire people in these uncertain times".

It's full of colourful characters that take a creative approach to assert their personal space. Like Norman Day with his one-metre cap that ensures there's always a proper gap and Norma Fierce with her extra-puffed Afro puffs that show that she doesn't play when it's time to keep the onlookers at bay.

There's also a Dr Seussy tone of voice throughout that is cheeky and clever as it is cheerful and chipper. We like the campaign's slogan, 'It's not a metre of thin air, it's a metre of love and care'. Find out more via www.normville.com or Instagram.


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