Nicola Gastaldi creates 100 mind-bending, looping animated gifs in 100 days

Motion graphics designer Nicola Gastaldi recently set himself the personal challenge of creating 100 animated gifs in 100 days.

Obsessed with optical illusions, mind-bending visuals and projection mapping, the London-based artist set himself a few limitations for the project to help fuel his creativity. That is, he was only allowed to use 50 frames and three colours, and the loop would have to be perfect. He explained: "Limits always work great with my mindset: playing between boundaries makes me feel more comfortable and relaxes me."

The resulting series, entitled Gastaloops, is no doubt impressive and was made possible with After Effects, Photoshop, Houdini and Real Flow.

Why did he decide to do it? Nicola said: "Browsing the internet I found a few people that are keeping themselves busy with personal projects on a daily basis. Every day they’re able to post something online. Looking at them I always thought I couldn’t make it: too busy with my daily job in the studio, too busy at home with my family. But I tried. I just had to work against the clock."


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