Andrew McGranahan's surreal & psychedelic collage art crafted from vintage magazines

Inspired by ancient history, science fiction and Surrealism, San Diego-based collage artist and graphic designer Andrew McGranahan creates surreal, psychedelic (and sometimes abstract) works using vintage magazines & books such as OMNI, LIFE Nature Library and, of course, National Geographic.

"I enjoy creating 'scenes' that could only exist in another time or dimension but still somehow seem familiar. I'm always challenging myself to do something new and unique. The improvisational and often freeform nature of physical collage is something I'll never get tired of.

"I'm also quite fond of titling the works. I can easily spend more time researching the titles than I do creating the collage. The fact that I'm constantly learning as a part of my creative process is invaluable to me."

You can discover more of Andrew's work on his website: Or follow his latest updates on Instagram.


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