New cityscapes by Cristóbal Pérez García that capture the intensity of human life

Spanish contemporary artist Cristóbal Pérez García – featured previously – is someone who loves to get swept up in the moment and paint right in the heart of a busy city, capturing the energy and spirit of his surroundings.

Creating energetic oil paintings of the urban landscape from a pedestrian's perspective, he likes to choose dusk and dawn to play with the light, and show different sides to places such as London, New York, Barcelona and Rome.

He explains: "I tell a story, an anecdote, a light, an emotion, a moment of someone in their world and the world in which they are condemned to understand or destroy. I reflect a past, present and future where nature always wins against the superb human being."

His playful, distinctive brushstrokes bring each of his paintings to life, showing the frenzy of metropolises that never sleep and perhaps hinting at the impact humans are having on our precious planet. Discover more at

All images courtesy of Cristóbal Pérez García


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