Nature: Illustrator collaborates with the great outdoors to bring characters to life

In her ongoing series Nature, American illustrator Marga Patterson loves to create hand-drawn characters, that are bold with vibrant colours and simple shapes, and place them in her surrounding countryside to bring them to life.

Based in a small village in southwest Turkey, she extensively explores the Turkish wild along with her imagination and is constantly inspired by what she discovers. Finding different locations in which to place her illustrated characters, she then photographs them to share with the world.

Speaking of her work, Marga said: "Since ancient times, the invention and use of fantastical characters has played a large part in how humans try to connect to and make sense of the natural world. This imaginative approach has inspired the creation of many great stories still told today by cultures all around the world. My illustrated collaboration with the outdoors explores the Turkish wild and expands on the idea of storytelling. My characters exist in multiple outdoor environments – from the rocky seashore to the undulating walls of limestone caverns and beyond – they activate a space to let your imagination takeover."

Marga has exhibited work in New York, Portland, Istanbul and Croatia. She is currently working on a children’s picture book, due out in 2017. Discover more of her work at or check out her daily drawings on Instagram.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of the artist


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