Nathan Hackett's detailed, multilayered illustrations offer depth and charm

The multilayered illustrations of Nathan Hackett invite you to consider every last detail. "I like to encourage some exploration within my drawings so that the viewer has time to reflect on the themes at hand and piece together the micro-narratives and melodramas that equal the sum, overall illustration," he explains.

"These theatrical parts can be composed surreally to exaggerate the ideas at play and sometimes marry that with reflecting banality more cemented to home, but they tend to be informed by my enthusiasm for people and how we are shaped by our environments and architecture. We are 'species of spaces'."

We especially love Keep it Down, showcasing different rooms in a building with various characters doing everything from DIY and drumming to arguing and stopping the place from burning down.

A British illustrator, represented by Anna Goodson, Nathan lives and works in London. Discover more of his work at


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