Martin Holik's photographs of Armenia's abandoned and forgotten Luna Park

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

Luna Park is an old amusement park that towers above Yerevan in Armenia. People don't tend to visit the place very often, as there's a more modern alternative in town. During a recent trip there, photographer Martin Holik wandered around the almost empty park to capture what's been left behind.

"From time to time, someone comes to visit. Just to remember the old days," explains Martin. "The days when they were young and the world was easier to live in. They bring their children and enjoy the peaceful, nostalgic mood."

Although this looks like a sad documentation of what once was, showing just a hint at happier times, Luna Park still has an optimistic feel – you can see it in the smiles on people's faces, and how their memories of the place live on, even though the crowds have gone.

Based in Czech Republic, Martin studied at the Institute of Creative Photography of the Silesian University and today works as a wedding and documentary photographer. Discover more at