Design Lad's bold and playful 3D illustrations and animations bursting with colour

Design Lad is the alias for Matt Wood, a designer and illustrator from London who specialises in 3D illustration, typography and animation. His work can only be described as bold, playful and colourful – which always focuses on one simple idea. Simple or not, it's an approach and style we're huge fans of.

With clients like Sony Music, BBC and Red Bull under his belt, Matt's portfolio is a visual feast of plumb characters, pleasing palettes and quirky detail. "I use Cinema 4D to create my illustrations and animations, but the process always starts from my notebook. I carry it around everywhere and am always writing ideas and lists for new designs," explains Matt.

"Once I have a concept, I make some rough sketches keeping them as loose and fluid as possible, as the composition and design generally evolve organically once I get into C4D and start building shapes and playing with camera angles."

Make sure you watch some of his short, sharp animation loops and check out more of his work at


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