Marshmallow Laser Feast's Colossal Wave, a stunning AV piece that shows how people are messing up the world's oceans

We're longtime fans of AV maestros Marshmallow Laser Feast, renowned for combining digital wizardry with socially minded messaging.

One of their latest works is no exception: A Colossal Wave is a mixed reality project involving four VR umbrellas, a dropper tower, a bowling ball, a gong + a sound-reactive gallery installation. Mind-boggling? Us too, and it gets better: the piece explores topics around human impact and the Anthropocene, i.e the idea that us, humans, have irrevocably buggered up the planet, in short.

A Colossal Wave was created in collaboration with Canadian artists Presstube, Dpt. + Headspace Studio, and was shown at Hull UK City of Culture festival 2017, where visitors could stand at the top of a nine-metre high tower and drop a bowling ball onto a gong. This set off a chain of virtual events in which a sort of tsunami of fruit-like debris showered up people standing under non-virtual umbrellas. Each fruit's shape and size depends on the sounds generated by the user's voice, so is totally unique, aiming to symbolise the billions of bits of waste us people make that go on to pollute the seas around the world.

It's easier explained by video than words, so take a look below.


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