Aesthetic Theories is the magazine promising us a 'cerebral lifestyle'

"Join the cerebral lifestyle," commands new(ish) mag Aesthetic Theories. Yeah, it sounds a little Portlandia-ish, but when it looks this nice, who are we to sniff at it?

The mag, now on its second issue, is a biannual straight outta LA that focuses on “artists, designers, intellectuals, and institutions that reflect and shape our cultural and creative patterns.” This means an impressively broad range of features covering interesting goings-on across Tokyo, London, Berlin, Melbourne and more.

In this issue (clearly not struggling with the ‘difficult second album’ curse), the magazine broadly rails against what the editor-in-chief Samine Joudat describes as “a need for commodification that forces everything to become the same”. In practice, that means features including an interview with Ace Hotel New York’s chief brand officer Kelly Sawdon; a feature in which a Michelin-starred chef talks discusses culture and politics (and of course, food); a photo series about the lesser-known side of LA by Minh T; and a look at the same city’s brutalist buildings from architect Nicola Montuschi.


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