Simon Bray's new book reveals touching photographs and stories that explore loss

Manchester-based photographer Simon Bray has launched his first publication from his Loved&Lost project, which invites people to explore their experience of loss through the re-staging of precious family photographs.

All images courtesy of Simon Bray. Via CB submission

All images courtesy of Simon Bray. Via CB submission

Available to pre-order on Kickstarter, the book is designed by Craig Oldham and includes various stories from willing volunteers.

"The project began six years ago after the loss of my father and has become even more poignant for me since the loss of my younger sister last year, the strongest possible reminder that it's important to share our stories of loss and how we find our way through the grief that comes with it," says Bray.

Loved&Lost has since reached an audience of over three million people worldwide and has exhibited across the UK, with an upcoming show at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield, opening this December.

One such volunteer is Nicola who said: "When someone dies, it can be so shocking and you feel like it ought to be very very noisy, like people banging drums and playing trombones and shouting, and actually, it’s very quiet, because that person's gone, so you don't hear their voice anymore. After the funeral, you are left in a very quiet place, sometimes that can feel wrong because the feelings aren't very quiet."

You can discover more about Simon Bray's project at


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