Whitney Sanford's intricate paintings of different housing and communities around the world

San Francisco artist Whitney Sanford is fascinated by housing and how it differs around the world.

All images courtesy of the artist, via CB submission

All images courtesy of the artist, via CB submission

As she has moved several times throughout her life, coupled with a desire to travel, her work tends to focus on the concept of home and community.

It began when she and her partner visited Crestet in France: "I was looking around and was mesmerised that this tiny hilltop town, surrounded by nothing but wide-open space, had been built by people carrying these little rocks up this giant hill.

"I wanted to know what they were running from to make such a defensive city; were they successful and what has happened to them since? It sparked the whole project of wanting to understand how, despite our inherent need for homes and structure, culturally, we manage to both share certain styles and decisions and differ entirely."

Sanford uses watercolour, oil, paper cutout, animation, polaroid and collage to create her detailed artworks. In this case, she has mainly used watercolour and pen and ink, with a little acrylic, too. Discover more of her work at www.whitneylsanford.com.


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