Love London: Artist Peter Brimelow survives cancer and paints his love of the capital

Several years ago, after 30 years as a successful architect, and following a terminal cancer diagnosis, Peter Brimelow gave up his thriving architecture practice to focus on getting better.

But during that somewhat challenging time, he discovered a love of art and managed to survive too: "For a number of reasons, including love, sleep, the consumption of industrial quantities of organic fruit and vegetables, and the support of some very special people, I didn’t die, but I did discover painting and a new love for the urban landscape of this wonderful city of London."

The subsequent paintings tell a story of Peter's creative journey where he begins with simple artworks of classic London subjects, such as Battersea Power Station, St Paul's Cathedral or Wandsworth Common, leading to those same views at different times. He then explored adding people to his paintings – bowlers on Wandsworth Common or commuters at Waterloo Station, for example.

He adds: "Although I manipulate perspective, my paintings are an accurate architectural record of the fabric of this great city. For me, they reflect the nature of change that is my life and capture something of my relationship with the spirit, the people and the excitement of the continuous evolution of the place that is my home."

Peter will exhibit the series, aptly named Love London, at The Ground Floor Gallery in London from 23 September until 1 October 2017. To find out more about Peter and his work, visit


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