Logan Moody's paintings of crushed cans, crisp packets and candy wrappers created using aerosol spray

In his latest series, Crushed, Logan Moody creates artworks of discarded waste by hand-cutting stencils and painting with aerosol.

All images courtesy of the artist / Creative Boom submission

All images courtesy of the artist / Creative Boom submission

Originally born and raised in New Zealand, Logan moved to Melbourne in 2009 to further his career working on live sports broadcasts. But the change also encouraged him to take up stencil art. "The sprawling urban environment Melbourne provided became the inspiration for my work, and as I began to explore these new surroundings, I discovered a passion for capturing the beauty of city life," he says.

Since 2009, Logan has been selected multiple times as a finalist in the Stencil Art Prize, an annual showcase of international stencil artists held each year in Sydney. He has also taken part in numerous group shows, published a book of photography, and has been creating work for people all over the world.

Of his latest work, he says: "My hope with the series is to instil a sense of beauty into discarded waste, specifically drinks, chocolate and candy bars while tapping into a feeling of nostalgia within the viewer."

Discover more at www.loganmoody.com or follow Logan on Instagram.


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