Literal Pop Art: Artist crafts beautiful collages out of recycled fizzy drink cans

In his ongoing body of work, Scottish artist Allan McEnroe takes old drinks cans and puts them through a meticulous cleaning and cutting process before crafting beautiful collaged artworks of nature and pop culture.

Allan explains: "After preparing the aluminium cans, I measure and mark pieces according to the shapes and sizes I need for a specific drawing. I usually work in stages, going back to a piece several times until completion. The process can take anything from three hours to several weeks."

He uses various tools to create his special artworks including tweezers, scissors, bonding glue and brushes. He adds: "I started in this unique form of art after seeing these shiny cans being thrown away and thought, they are pretty nice looking items, seems a shame to just chuck them out. And so the work was born."

Based in Scotland, Allan is self-taught and his work has been featured on publications worldwide. To discover more, visit

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Allan McEnroe


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