Life Happens Around Doorways by Sergio Membrillas is an ode to architecture and human emotions

Life happens around doorways, according to illustrator Sergio Membrillas who's released a new illustrated book to pay homage to "architecture and human emotions".

Photography by Ángel Valiente.

Photography by Ángel Valiente.

Featuring different fictional characters inspired by scenes in his home city of Valencia, he tells us "it's a celebration of life, containing all kind of emotions, situations, feelings. I love drawing people and buildings from memory. Valencia is bursting with life and it's surprising how much goes on as people leave and enter shops, homes and businesses."

Adopting his usual colour palette and simple shapes, we see a young woman leaning against a doorway holding a mobile phone, perhaps waiting for a prospective employer to call back with good news. We see a man impeccably dressed, possibly waiting for the rain to stop. Whatever the narratives truly are, we're left to make up our own minds about what's happening in each illustration.

You can purchase your own copy of Life Happens Around Doorways via Membrillas' online shop. To discover more about the freelance illustrator, whose clients include The New Yorker, The Economist and Wired, visit


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