That Thing helps to launch a chronic pain specialist with an empathetic brand identity

London-based branding agency That Thing has helped to launch pioneering online chronic pain specialist Leva by designing an approachable and empathetic identity which reflects the platform's goal of helping people to lead better lives.

Created by experienced founders with long careers working in chronic pain, Leva is a personalised online care management platform for people experiencing persistent pain. As well as leading the way when it comes to researching pioneering new treatments for pain, Leva is also part of the Twenty21 project and has formed partnerships with NHS and Boots.

By working closely with Leva for over six months, That Thing has been able to get to the heart of the platform's goals and better understand its innovative approach to healthcare and life-changing support.

"Leva presented a great challenge: how do you create a brand that mixes a real caring humanity with expertise and rigour?" says That Thing co-founder Joe Weir. "We knew it couldn't feel too soft, but it couldn't feel too clinical either. The result walks the line and is helping Leva to reach an audience that needs them."

This delicate balancing act can be seen in every aspect of the identity, from the palette and holistic "360 care" logo all the way through to the spectrum of typefaces. Built around one clear message - Leva works with pain - That Thing has crafted a brand for its site and app that is rooted in "clear, factual messaging" while making sure its graphics are imbued with "soft, free-flowing auras" for reassurance.

It's a striking departure from healthcare platforms that the UK public might already be familiar with. NHS online platforms tend to put functionality first and foremost, resulting in sites that are practical if a little too austere. On the other hand, Leva uses stylised animations to get its message of support across.

"It was never about promising a miracle cure, but helping people to reshape their relationship with pain and live with it more peacefully," adds Weir. "In many ways, the brand needed to feel like the first step on that journey."

And it looks like the approach has paid off. By addressing the misunderstandings that often surround chronic pain with a brand that reflects Leva's "kindness, accessible help, and realistic strategies", That Thing has helped set the platform apart from other start-ups and highlight its world-class service.

"We were delighted with the partnership we had with That Thing to rebrand our business to Leva," says co-founder and CEO of Leva, Eric Bystrom. "It gave our stakeholders and us an identity we could all stand behind and be proud of. Together we feel we've captured the expertise and credibility of Leva uniquely and distinctively."


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