Katie Griffin loves making that homey art

Katie Griffin lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where they work as a graphic designer at a branding agency. The artist practices illustration outside of the day job as their creative outlet, and we think they've already carved out a distinctive style, somehow both homey and effervescent in feel.

"Illustration is something I'm trying to build," Katie tells us. "I would say illustrations and animations are more of my passion projects, while professionally, I do graphic design for my job. I've devoted a lot of time to have some of my works printed professionally, and have set up my website to sell my first round of prints since sharing my illustration work publicly. I’m very excited to see where it goes!"

So are we, and these prints would go down well in any room with their focus on furniture and living spaces. Indeed, these things set off Katie's creative muse through the inner harmony they create; after all, home is where the heart is.

"I make many of my pieces have that homey/comfort feeling, kind of like a place where nothing is wrong, and you find yourself at peace. I want to create an environment that feels familiar, and the viewer can see themselves in and want to be in."

"The work is inspired by many spaces around me, many pieces of furniture or things in the rooms I draw. Actual things I have around my apartment or the house I grew up in. Any interesting interior is inspiring to me. I also get inspired by different plants and different elements in nature and household items."

"As far as artistic influences, I have always loved mid-century modern architecture and anything Bauhaus. I also love Keith Haring’s colourful work with bold shapes, as well."

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