Jhonny Núñez reveals the special formula behind his colourful art

Meet Jhonny Núñez, a graphic designer, illustrator, and creative director whose speciality is illustration.

Previously a freelancer, Jhonny founded Jhonny-Studio in 2017, a multi-disciplinary office based in Russia. He's originally from Colombia, and has worked for renowned brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Procreate. Adobe is the latest in that list, as the creative tells us over email.

"I recently did a series of illustrations for the marketing campaign of Adobe Illustrator on the iPad at this year's Adobe MAX. I'd already had the opportunity to work with Adobe on small things and Beta testing, but this was the first time that I did illustrations for a global promotion."

"The campaign's concept was 'creativity for all', as Adobe has an excellent policy of creative freedom. They saw me as someone who narrates how an illustrator feels in the middle of a city, and as such, my illustration is inspired by how I feel about the city of San Francisco."

Jhonny's style has seen an evolution due to his recent and rather impressive-sounding Master's studies.

"I recently obtained a new degree in Illustration. The program focused on the history of illustration and the evolution of styles; my final dissertation was about graphic representation of extensive civilizations. I took advantage of that opportunity to investigate pre-Columbian design and African art, and this is how I built what I call the CODI illustration system."

"This is the result of a straightforward graphic composition formula: aspective geometry plus interrelation shape plus colour harmony plus plastic simulation equals contemporary digital illustration or CODI."

Now there's a formula we can all understand. Follow Jhonny Núñez on Instagram.

For Adobe

For Adobe


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