Jules Magistry's illustrations of adolescence, masculinity and violence in a modern world

Jules Magistry blends a little anime, manga and comic book art to dream up his thought-provoking illustrations, all centred around the theme of adolescence, masculinity and violence.

The Paris-based illustrator loved drawing as a child, apparently inspired by '90s pop culture icons like Power Rangers, Sailor Moon or Tekken characters. But it wasn't until a brief stint in law school and a few years working in graphic design for publishing houses that he decided to pursue illustration as a career instead. It was also during that time that his work took a darker turn.

"I really began to focus on adolescents because it was hard for me to live it and to let go," Jules tells Creative Boom. "I studied mass shootings, young human beings, strong feelings, tragedies… beginning with Columbine. It shows so much about how fucked up things are – the relations between parents and teenagers, the authority, the lack of taking young people seriously, the hierarchy a shallow world already put in institutions like schools, the role of the media… It’s so deep and powerful and now with the Parkland Kids, it’s even more powerful and touching."

Everything in these depressing events spoke to him and informs his work today. There's also a strong feeling of masculinity – an exploration of male youth. "It's about trying to explain and analyse how young men act with each other, how simple things like playing video games, jerking off, being silent, bullying etc., can show so many things and how boys are stupidly raised to be boys only. And all at the time of teenagehood because everything is strong and new, therefore violent, and at the same time childhood and innocence are so close… I try to mix all those things to tell my own stories."

Jules is currently working on a fanzine, which he'll be debuting at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris for the Paris Ass Book Fair in April. He's also got an upcoming exhibition, Impertinent Illustrations, at the Hasard Ludique in Paris in May. There's even a graphic novel in the making. Discover more of his work and what he's up to on Tumblr.


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