Jean Jullien takes a new direction with Le Jardin Bleu, a new show in San Francisco

All images courtesy of Jean Jullien and Chandran Gallery

Taking inspiration from his childhood, happy holiday memories and other themes close to his heart, Jean Jullien has launched a new show in San Francisco this week, featuring a body of work that moves away from his usual drawing style and instead dives into watercolour.

Le Jardin Bleu at the Chandran Gallery will present 25 new paintings on the ocean, summer and people, painted or inspired by summers in Brittany region in France, with a sketchbook in hand. "I am focusing on minimal storytelling,” Jullien says. “Hopefully the works give a sense of calm I feel when I’m painting. I’m happiest in summer. Days are slow, with walks to the beach, long lunches in the garden, drawing in the sun, good wine..."

Le Jardin Bleu will also feature new life-sized sculpture works to accompany the 25 new paintings, as well as an immersive installation on the bottom floor of the gallery. You can discover more at